Moving is a stressful experience and you can feel overwhelmed by all the choices before you even start packing up your first box.  One of these choices is whether to move all your belongings yourself or hire professional removalists.

Calling in the pros or doing it yourself can depend on a number of factors including the location of your new home, your budget, how complex the move is and crucially your own personal circumstances. Leaving belongings in the hands of strangers is incomprehensible for some, while dealing with the nightmare of moving without professional help is just too much for others.

To help make the right decision for your move check out our guide on the pros and cons of moving yourself and hiring professional removalists.


Moving yourself: Pros

  • Save Money– The most obvious advantage to the DIY move is saving money. For those on a really tight budget this may make a lot of sense.
  • Control– The DIY method allows you to control all aspects of the move. From picking the vehicle to handling and loading the boxes yourself, to choosing the exact time of the move, doing it yourself means you have full control.
  • Pack the way you want: Movers may want you to have all belonging packed and sealed when they arrive. On a DIY move you won’t have to have boxes for all those annoying knick-knacks and odd shaped items such as lamps. Pack as little or as much as you want- as long as it all fits in on moving day.


Moving yourself: Cons

  • Heavy lifting: Most people’s most hated aspect of moving is lifting all those heavy items such as couches and fridges. Other people may be physically incapable and risk injury by tacking this task themselves especially if there are lots of stairs. Additionally, you take on the added risk of marking/scratching floors and walls while moving heavy items.
  • No insurance cover: Most household insurance won’t cover what they consider “goods in-transit,” so if you break anything in the move most likely it will be coming out of your own back pocket.
  • It may take far more time: It takes a lot of time and energy to organise moving out and this can cost you a lot of money, especially if your income relies on your availability.
  • Planning: Coordinating an entire move yourself is going to take A LOT of planning. You’ll have to figure out the logistics of getting your stuff from point A to point B. You’ll also have to plan out the best way to properly load the rented moving truck – which items go in first and last – and how they are arranged inside the truck.
  • Unexpected problems: The couch is stuck in the door…. what now? When moving yourself many unexpected issues may arise. Professional movers have they experience and know-how to avoid these issues and solve them when they occur. Without the assistance of professional movers and certain moving tools, you could end up wasting hours trying to fix the situation


Get Professionals: Pros

  • They do the work: With professional removalists you won’t have to lift a finger. Sit back and relax as the pros do all the heavy lifting without the pitfalls of doing it yourself. No scratches on walls, no strained muscles or begging family and friends for help.
  • Have the right equipment and training: Some items require different packing materials and heavier objects will require proper lifting or straps to secure them. Pro removalists who know what they’re doing without breaking or damaging your items.
  • Efficiency and reliability: Unlike your friends and family, professional removalist won’t flake the day of your move. As long as you hire an experienced and reputable moving company they will be on time with all the right equipment and will save you a lot of moving time.
  • Less stressful: For most people moving can be very stressful. Hiring pros can allow you to negate many of these stresses. Not only will you save a lot of time you will also avoid having to drive the moving vehicle. Trucks and large trailers can be tricky to drive and should be avoided if you are not comfortable driving one.
  • Moving interstate: It can be very expensive to move all your belongings interstate. Hiring professional removalists that can store your boxes at a warehouse and then deliver all of them to your destination can save you a lot of time and money.


Get Professionals: Cons

  • Less control: While hiring pros will take a lot of the stress away you will limit the amount of personal control you have over the move. From the pick-up date and time to how the truck is loaded there will be not much you can change about how and when you move.
  • Greater cost: It’s no secret that moving by yourself will be cheaper than hiring professional removalists. For those on a tight budget or moving somewhere very locally hiring pros may not be your best option.
  • Strangers handling your belongings: Having complete strangers handle your most treasured items can be uncomfortable for some people. That’s why it’s very important to research, read reviews and comparisons before deciding on a moving company. Make sure that the moving company performs either an in-person inspection or a video survey of your home before giving you a quote.


WHY not do both?

Unsure what is best option for you? There is always the option of combining a DIY move with professional assistance to suit your schedule and budget. You might want to hire removalists for your heavy items while you take care of the smaller things on your own time.